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The car industry and Škoda are being challenged with the evolving customer expectations. The demand for more flexible ways of getting from A-to-B increase and the offer is moving away from selling cars to providing mobility as a service. We helped Škoda to get ready for the upcoming challenges and move from being a product driven company into a service driven one.


Helping Škoda on their transformation going from selling cars, to providing mobility as a service.


We changed Škoda’s core business model through redesigning their digital channels and sales processes. And helped them become a service driven company by launching and iterating on service offerings such as car sharing, social test drive and automated service & maintenance.


I was the Design Lead for Škoda’s Innovation Studio in Fjord Berlin. Our focus was defining Škoda’s new business model. I had a team of multi skilled designers from product design to creative technologists and we incubated ideas bringing them to life and testing them to identify Škoda’s roadmap.

The challenge for the team was knowing where to start and how to prioritise features. We had one rule to keep us on track: “No prototype, no meeting.”

I’m proud of this work because besides the design outputs, I succeeded to get an unmotivated team and a slow paced client move into a creative way of working. In a very short amount of time I was able to boost the team with energy and shift the speed of our client by launching a pilot in the Polish market.


We built an innovation team tasked with making real products and services that solve customer needs and explore new business opportunities. We used qualitative methods to understand evolving needs and create new ideas.


We used quantitative methods to measure the potential of each idea and prioritise them within 6 different markets. We followed a data informed design process and aimed for the right balance between data, empathy and intuition. 

Based on our prioritisation we picked top 4 ideas and did 5-day Google Sprints for each. The findings and outcomes of these sprints were used to create the roadmap of launched services such as the Car Sharing service.

Sprint 1 Outcome

Sprint 2 Outcome


In the Škoda Innovation Lab, we redesigned the brand’s look and feel on all digital channels and launched a car sharing service in the Polish market. We included Škoda sales and marketing teams in the sprint process and created a extensive collaboration between the design team and Škoda team.

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