Streamline the everyday bank —

Isbank is the largest bank with 1400 operating branches in Turkey. Their ask was to redesign their Intranet to engage their employees and improve their employee experience . With this goal in mind we followed a different path.


Redesign Isbank Intranet to increase employee engagement, motivation and efficiency.


Isbank Digital Workplace, a responsive platform that answers employees needs & expectations based on their role, motivations & tasks.


I was the Design & Engagement Lead for the Isbank account, leading the digital transformation process. Under this transformation we ran three different teams simultaneously,  customer experience team, credit card & payments team and employee experience team. This employee experience project was key among all other projects because it meant enabling Isbank employees to provide better customer service.

The challenge for the team was on boarding our client on where we want to go.Isbank was asking for a better Intranet, through research, data and statistics we convinced them to streamline their workflow instead. We aimed to drive operational efficiency and enhance communication and collaboration between employees.

I’m proud of this work because we focused on measuring our impact for employees since the beginning. In our research we identified what to measure (top tasks) through data analysis & interviews and how to measure them. We knew what we wanted to test before we knew what the design would be.


Through our research we identified that an Isbank employee had to use more than 10 different platforms through their day to they get the everyday tasks done. We measured the time they spent on each task and platform and used this framework to measure the impact of our final product.


We identified mindsets and user shrines (branch, back office, HQ) and designed flows based on each mindset’s need. Our out come was a hierarchy of needs which helped us prioritise which features to focus on first. We tested the prioritised epics and user stories through the concepting phase.


Within 8 weeks we had the flows for the MVP ready as well as the visual design system. We achieved to design a tool that can manage all of the everyday tasks for different profiles.