Analog efficiency with a twist —

Carnival Cruise Lines aims to transform the sea experience by maximizing guests’ experiences through personalization and decreasing friction. Their goal is make the technology to disappear in the entire equation by empowering next level human interactions.


Design and deploy the next level of personalised hospitality on a cruise ship and orchestrate the interaction between guests and crew seamlessly.


The Ocean Medallion, a wearable device for guests  elevating every moment before, during and after the cruise vacation. 

The Crew Compass, empowering crew members for personalized guest interactions. 


I was the lead for the Design research team on the sea. The research activities consisted user interviews & shadowing, service safaris, focus groups and systems audit on different cruise ships.

The challenge for the research team was to deliver the findings in a way that makes it easy for the offshore design team to understand the process and gain empathy across many different roles on the ship. Our research methodology and outcomes had to be solid, easily understood and reusable by different research teams.

I’m proud of this work because as the research team our insights and concept design defined the strategy of the final product. We described the cruise as a connected city at sea: Designing for an experience in a cruise means orchestrating time, places, preferences and profiles both for crew and guests. We designed for both analog and digital solutions & interactions.


Our goal was to understand analog interactions between crew members and also between crew & guests. We identified which of these interactions should be eliminated, which ones should be empowered with digital and which ones should be left as-is. This was the most exciting part for me. Our motto was simple: ‘Just because it is digital does not mean it is better.’


We started concepting as we gathered insights and turned our concepts into testable outcomes as quickly as possible. Being able to test our concepts on the ship with crew & guests enabled us to design iteratively. To guide other teams we defined brand principles that anchor how crew members think, act, relate to each other and to guests on board. 


Our concept staged the coordination of all the products, services and technology in the ship.We planned the details of the launch, from training the crew to the communication with guests at every stage.


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Crew experience

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