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Carnival Cruise
the Ocean Medallion

2016  ·  Fjord  ·  Design Research

Fjord & Accenture is working with Carnival Corporation to transform the guest experience through personalisation. This is a big programme where I contributed through design research and help identify key service moments.

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Garanti Mobile

2015  ·  Fjord  ·  Senior Visual Designer

The Garanti mobile app was chosen as the favorite bank app in Turkey, according to the 2017 Lovemarks survey. Forrester Research also named the Garanti mobile application as number 1 in the category of user experience among 12 European banks.

Mubi for Sony Playstation

2009  ·  Groar Studios  ·  Design Director

Mubi is an online cinema platform made by people passionate about film. As Groar Studios, we helped them launch their platform for Sony Playstation.

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